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Common Round Iron Nails

Available in countersunk, checkered or plain head, diamond point, polished.
Application: Common round iron wire nails are used for general construction purpose, wooden cases and furniture.

Technical Info:
Commodity Name: Common Nails
Materials: Galvanized steel
Specifications: 3/8"-6", BWG4-20 for all kinds of round nails.
Packing: In wooden cases of 112lbs consisting of 16 packets x 7lbs net each. Or in cartons of 25kg net, or 20kg net, both palletized.

Common round nails are made with round caps, small head, clout head and countersunk checkered heads.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Common Round Iron Nails for Building and Wooden Casing.

Common Round Nails Technical Information:

Surface treatment: polished or electro galvanized;
Length: 1/2" - 8" ;
diameter of the shank: BWG5 - BWG17.

25kgs/carton in bundle,
5kgs/box, 4 boxes/carton
Gross weight: 7kgs/carton with 16boxes

Chequered Head Electro Galvanized Common Nails:

Material: Q195, Q215 wire rod as high-quality low-carbon-steel
Finish: Polished, electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized.
Head: common head, countersunk head, lose head, flat countersunk chequerred head
Shank: plain, round
Point: diamond point, round point
Standing: BS EN 10230-1:2000, normal
Packing: plastic bag,carton box,wooden box or according to your requirement.

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