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Double Head Drywall Screws Galvanized Duplex Head Nails

Drywall Screws Galvanized Nails
Black Drywall Screw Nails
Black Galvanized Steel Screws
3.5x25 Black Drywall Screw Nails,Gypsum Screw
Din965 Stainless Steel Hardened Concrete Nail Drywall Screw

Duplex head nails description:
Double headed, smooth shank, diamond shank, bright finish.
Duplex head nails application: Duplex head nails are used for temporary construction, such as form work or scaffolding. The double head on this nail makes it easy to pull out when forms or scaffolding are torn down.
Duplex Head Nails Size:

Length (mm)
Wire dia: (mm)
Head dia: (mm)


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