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collated coil wire nails
galvanized square boat nail
duplex head nails
concrete nails
galvanized roofing nails
flat head panel pins
shoot nail
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furniture nail
brad head nails
drywall screw nails
finishing nail (headless nail)
cut masonry nail
Wire Nail Making Machine:
Nails Making Process
Wire Nail Making Machine
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Drywall Screw Nails (Coarse or Fine)

Drywall Screws Galvanized Nails;
Black Drywall Screw Nails;
Black Galvanized Steel Screws;
3.5x25 Black Drywall Screw Nails , Gypsum Screw;
Din965 Stainless Steel Hardened Concrete Nail Drywall Screw.

Technical Info:
Nail diameter: #6, 7, 8, 10.
Nail length: From 13mm or 1/2 inches to 254mm or 10 inches
Material: C1022
Finish: Black, yellow zinc coated, blue plated, etc.
Head type: Pan, bugle, etc.
Thread type: Coarse or fine
Drive: Philips
Packing: In bulk or small packing according to the customers requirements.

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